About Us

At Yates Admissions, we empower students to present their best possible case for admission to America’s most selective universities. We help them discern how they hope to contribute to our world, to be leaders in their specific domains so that they can not only stand out in the increasingly competitive holistic college admissions process but so they can stand out in how they present themselves beyond the college admissions landscape.


We are led by former Ivy League admissions officers who devoted years to piecing together incoming classes at our nation’s elite universities. They sifted through applications, reading literally thousands of admissions essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and test scores. They know what works. They know what doesn’t work. They help students earn admission to all selective universities, including the schools ranked in the top 30 in US News & World Report‘s national university rankings as well as the schools ranked in the top 15 in the liberal arts colleges ranking.


Our students at Yates Admissions not only take the right coursework, irrespective of what high school counselors may recommend to the contrary, but they present the right testing, activities that wow, and essays that demonstrate precisely how a student hopes to make a meaningful impact on the world.