Yates Admissions

At Yates Admissions, we empower our students to present their best possible case for admission to America’s most selective universities. We help them discern how they hope to contribute to our world, to be leaders in their specific domains so that they can stand out in the increasingly competitive holistic college admissions process.

Our Team

We are led by former Ivy League admissions officers. Our team evaluated the applications of thousands of candidates to the universities at which they worked. Now, they are on the other side of the table to offer their students the best possible case for admission to the very institutions at which they once served as gatekeepers.

Our Services

Our college admissions counseling services, targeted for all top tier universities, begin with an initial strategic plan. During a one hour session conducted via video chat, we present a strategic plan that, if executed correctly, can significantly boost a student’s chances of admission to their dream universities. Following this initial strategic plan, we work with our students through one of two pathways: an à la carte bundle or a complete college counseling bundle.